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Places to play adult baseball in 2022

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Tournaments and events 

As we welcome in the new year, the offseason is well under way. It might be weeks or months since your last competitive time on the field. 

For some, the beginning of offseason is a good time to rest and recover. Giving your arm and legs a break from the explosive movements the game demands. After a short period, it's time to start getting in shape for the next season. 

That time away from the game has an effect on the mind. A few might contemplate hanging it up. For others, they begin to miss the game like an old friend. For many, each day away from the last out further fuels the hunger to get back on the field. 

After taking a few weeks off in November, I began preparing for the 2022 baseball season. Training in December included throwing to get the arm back to playing shape. Workouts and weightlifting for strength, stability and general conditioning. Drills to improve ball handling, especially glove to hand transitions. Groundballs and footwork drills for defense. And, of course, hitting. Tee work, soft toss and cage work round out the early offseason training. 

As the calender flips to January, my training will ramp up. Twice a week bullpens are starting to get my arm prepared for the mound. The emphasis for me is location and repeating mechanics on each throw. My junk drawer of pitches will get fine tuned. I'll also put on the gear to catch bullpens for others, to get my body ready for time in the squat. Hitting will continue with more live bp added in. 

It might seem early to start training. Where you live and the league you play in determines when the season starts for you. Some places are lucky and will start in February. In colder areas it could be May before the season gears up. 

For the SLO MSBL league in which I play, the season won't start until April. Our team has already put in a few practices and that will increase as we get closer to opening day. In March, we will probably have scrimmages with other teams to satisfy the thirst for baseball. 

Thankfully, though, I won't have to wait until then to put on the uniform and play ball. As of this writing, I only have two more weeks to wait. On January 14th, I'll pack up the car and make the four hour drive south to Los Angeles. The next morning, I'll suit up, along with the rest of the Outlaws Tournament team, to play in the California Kickoff Classic put on by the National Amateur Baseball Association (NABA). 

While the season is the sustenance that adult players feast on throughout the year, tournaments, camps and events are appetizers and desserts. Steeping with a bit more urgency, travel and comradery, they can really get the competitive juices flowing. 

There are many organizations that host these baseball get togethers throughout the country. Whether it is camp where you can get the "big league" treatment, or a tournament pitting teams from all over against each other, there's likely something for you. Some are invitational, others open to all. You can come as a team or, in most cases, sign up to the player pool as a free agent. 

For me, tournaments are the highlight of the playing year. I look forward to each one I'm lucky enough to attend. I recommend you find one or ten that interest you. They are always worth it. 

To help out, I've listed some of the playing opportunities and highlighted some cool events for you to check out. For some of them, the registration may have passed or is soon approaching. I still suggest you look into those if you're interested to find out about future participation. You'll see that most have offerings for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. 

This list isn't all inclusive. There are many more regional tournaments and smaller events.  But this will give you a lot to explore. I've provided links to some of the tournament pages to help you find out more details or plan out your playing opportunities.

(I am not directly affiliated with any of these organizations although I will play in some of these.)

Tournaments and events

MLB Fantasy Camps

Typically held in January, most of the MLB teams offer fantasy camps or similar experiences. These are usually held at their respective spring training facilities in Arizona or Florida. 

For one week per year, you can get a chance to feel like a pro. Included is lodging and some meals, a full MLB quality uniform with your name, a locker, training by team coaches and former players, as well as other amenities the pros enjoy. 

You get individual and group instruction and get to enjoy playing games daily. Players that have gone tend to make it a habit. The friendships made at these camps can last a lifetime.

The best way to find out the details for these camps is it visit your favorite team's fan page. 

Men's Senior Baseball League

The MSBL started in 1988 in New York. Since Affiliated leagues can be found all over the country. In addition to league play, MSBL puts on Regional and National Tournaments throughout the year. Below is a few of those tournaments.

❌️Desert Classic, Palm Springs, CA
January 15-17, 2022

❌️Holiday Classic, Melbourne, FL (Space Coast)
February 4-7, 2022

❌️Sunshine Classic, Panama City, FL
February 25-28, 2022

❌️Las Vegas Kickoff Classic, Las Vegas, NV
March 5-7, 2022 & March 12-14, 2022
Check out my experience at this tournament

❌️Las Vegas Open, Las Vegas, NV
May 28-30, 2022

❌️Beat the Heat, Irvine, CA (Great Park)
September 2-5, 2022

MSBL World Series, Phoenix, AZ
Oct 16, 2022 through November 5, 2022

Fall Classic, West Palm Beach/Jupiter, FL
November 6-19, 2022

These tournaments all have multiple age divisions. For more details, check out the MSBL Tournament page

National Adult Baseball Association (NABA) 

Like the MSBL, NABA has been around for years. They provide affiliations for leagues around the country and put on numerous tournaments for players. Here's a look at some for this upcoming year. 

❌️California Kickoff, LA & Orange Counties, CA
Jan 15-17, 2022
Check out my experience at this tournament.

❌️Las Vegas Presidents' Tourney, Las Vegas, NV
February 12-14, 2022

❌️Great Park Classic, Irvine, CA
February 26-27, 2022

❌️Arizona Spring Training Experience, Mesa, AZ
March 10-13, 2022

❌️Arizona Kino Sports Tourney, Tucson, AZ
April 9-11, 2022

❌️Las Vegas Memorial, Las Vegas, NV
May 28-30, 2022

❌️Atlantic City Memorial, Atlantic City, NJ
May 28-30, 2022

❌️Las Vegas Father's Day, Las Vegas, NV
June 18-19, 2022

❌️California Firecracker, LA &orange counties, CA),
❌️Arizona Firecracker, Tempe, AZ,
❌️Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY, &
❌️Mile High Classic, Denver, CO
July 2-4, 2022

❌️Atlantic City Labor Day, Atlantic City. NJ &
Arizona Labor Day, Tempe, AZ
September 3-5, 2022

Phoenix World Series, Phoenix/Tempe, AZ
September 29, 2022 through October 15, 2022

Over 50/60 National Championship, Las Vegas, NV
October 24-29, 2022

Florida World Series, Melbourne, FL
November 10-13, 2022

Each tournament has different age divisions. You can get more details on the NABA Tournament page

Roy Hobbs Baseball

Another organization with a loyal following is Roy Hobbs Baseball. Geared to players over 30, Roy Hobbs has affiliated leagues across the country and puts on some of the best tournament experiences for players with some cool add on experiences. Some of their tourneys are listed here. 

❌️Sunshine Classic, Ft. Myers, FL
January 30, 2022 through March 6, 2022 (different age divisions play different weeks)

❌️Sea Otter Tournament, Monterey, CA
July 3-5, 2022

Roy Hobbs World Series, Ft. Myers, FL
October 15, 2022 through November 19, 2022
(*due to the devastation in Ft. Myers caused by Hurricane Ian, this year's Roy Hobbs WS has been canceled.)

Tournaments feature different age divisions. Their world series has a VIP option that looks amazing. For more details, check out the Roy Hobbs Baseball website.

US Adult Baseball (USAB)

Going on eight years, USAB has been creating new baseball experiences for adult players. With new league affiliations growing each year, they are carving out their place in adult baseball. Here's some of their tournaments for 2022.

❌️Spring Training Classic, Ft. Pierre, FL
February 4-6, 2022

❌️Las Vegas Open. Las Vegas, NV "Desert Diamonds"
September 3-5, 2022

❌️USAB World Series, Myrtle Beach, SC "Ripken Experience"
Septenber 27, 2022 through October 3, 2022

Also with different age divisions. You can find more details at the USAB website.

Scott Green's Play at the Plate

This organization is a bit different from the others. They focus more on tournaments and events than with leagues. They are built to give individuals some pretty unique playing experiences in awesome places. For regular participants, they offer a "Lifetime Pass" that can be used for entry and discounts in their events. The following are just a few scheduled for this year. 

❌️Palm Beach Classic, Palm Beach, FL
April 7-10, 2022

❌️Fantasy Camp World Series, West Palm Beach, FL
April 21-24, 2022

❌️Field of Dreams,  Dyersville, IA
September 7-11, 2022

❌️Doubleday Classic, Cooperstown, NY
September 30, 2022 through October 2. 2022

It's a good idea to sign up early as spots fill up fast. You can check out Play at the Plate on their website.

Negro League Baseball Museum Summer Classic (NLBM)

2021 saw the first NLBM Summer Classic. Held in Kansas City it is a collaboration of the Negro League Baseball Museum, Boys & Girls Clubs of KC, KC Royals Urban Youth Academy and KB Productions. 

Spanning four days in mid August, participants enjoy a reception at the Museum, dinners, awards and, of course, competive baseball games. Fields include the historic Satchel Paige Stadium, all turf Urban Youth Academy field and new to the event this year, Legends Field. Legends Field is a 6500 seat Professional Stadium with natural grass and great amenities. It is the home of the Kansas City Monarchs of the American Association. 

Long overdue, the late founder of the Negro League Baseball Museum, Buck O'Neil was selected for the Hall of Fame this year. That's sure to give this year's event extra significance. 

The NLBM Summer Classic will be held August 10-14, 2022 this year. The registration deadline is coming soon, February, 15, so be sure to check it out at the NLBM Summer Classic website.

Rippey Ruckus

Also heading into it's second year, the Rippey Ruckus isn't so much a tournament as it is a community event. Born out of an idea to bring friends from different areas together to play baseball, the Ruckus found the perfect place at Walt Anderson field. 

Rippey may be a small town, but it has a big baseball history. The Rippey Ruckus is adding to that history while also helping to bring awareness and upgrades to the historic field. 

In its Inaugural year, four teams squared off for three days of baseball, community and fellowship. This year a second weekend was added to accommodate a second division of teams. 

Entry to play in the Rippey Ruckus is invitation only. But it serves to highlight what can happen when people that love baseball come together to create something worthwhile.

I previously published an article about the Ruckus. If you'd like to find out more about it or the baseball town of Rippey, you can read about it here

Pro ball Baseball Clinic

Similar to the MLB Fantasy Camps, this clinic is put on with the individual player in mind. Held at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, participants receive individual and group instruction from major league coaches, lodging, meals, lockers and more. This is a great camp for those interested in upping their game. 

You can learn more at the pro ball website here

What's on your baseball calender this year?

With a new year comes new opportunities. If you are like me, you are already planning out your baseball adventures for this year. I'm getting excited for my first taste of competition in a couple of weeks. 

There are so many opportunities to get on the field for those that crave it. While I couldn't put every one of them in this list, I hope it gives you some inspiration and ideas for where to play this year. 

I'd love to hear what tournaments and events you plan on attending this year, whether or not they are mentioned in this article. Let me know in the comments. 


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