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805 Bats are handturned and crafted for you. All bats are made to order and use high quality billets to ensure a solid bat that will be perfect for your swing.

805 Bats

I started 805 Bats for a variety of reasons. The idea of using bats that I made myself was appealing. Having the freedom to create custom turning models was a game changer. Seeing others swing and appreciate them brings me joy. And high on the list, it gives me a way to be more connected to baseball beyond playing. 

805 Bats focuses on the Amateur players, who constitute the vast majority of those that play baseball. Because these bats are not mass produced, each bat can be made directly for the person swinging it. Each bat is custom in the true sense of the word. And because I am an active player, I don't consider an 805 Bat finished until the quality matches or exceeds my own high expectations for a custom piece. 

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If you are interested in a bat or are just curious to know more, please visit 805 Bats on Facebook or @805bats on Instagram. You can also email me at 805bats@40yearoldbaseball.com 

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Below are a few examples of the bats I've made for players and for display.

Video credit: @bkkollective

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