Baseball at all ages

Everyone who loves bat and ball sports has a different story to tell.  Whether playing little league, in an adult baseball league or rec slow pitch softball, the game brings moments that can shape your life through your time on the field. Likewise, life experiences can often have an impression on the type of player you are. We don't always connect the influences the two can have on each other...

The Middle Age Amateur Ball Player reflects on this. It's a place where I can tell stories, impressions, influences and thoughts on baseball, parenthood, and being a 40 year that still gets on the field every chance possible. 

You'll read about people I've met along the way that are part of the game, part of my life or both. 

I write about places that baseball has taken me, as well as people and places that are assets to the baseball world. 

I tell you how I became a custom wood Bat craftsman, my mission as a bat maker and stories about some of the bats I've made.

I also talk about family, being a parent and balancing the responsibilities and joys that come along.

I hope you enjoy these stories. Find humor in them. See humility and humanity. But most of all...

I hope after reading, you have more appreciation for the sport and the positive impact it has on life.


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