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You can check out the schedule and standings here throughout the season.

SLO MSBL Schedule and Standings

Adult baseball in Slo
Lots of love and respect for our friend Miguel, who we lost last September. We will keep your memory alive on the field this year. 

Join a baseball team in our community

It's getting to be that time of year again. The most wonderful time of year. The time we knock off the rust, break out our gear and dream about the first pitch we see. 

Yes, league season is on the horizon. For some it's already began. For others it's still a couple months away. For my local league, the Central Coast MSBL, opening day is planned for April 3. I get more excited every day as it draws closer. 

For those not local to San Luis Obispo County, here's a chance to take a look into the adult baseball league near me. For locals, it's a call to get ready and to prepare for Sundays.

SLO County and Northern Santa Barbara County residents, the time is now. If you are already on a team in our adult league, start training to take the field. If you aren't, but want to play baseball, it's time to contact the league or connect with a team. Even if you aren't interested in playing, you can have an important role by helping to spread the word about the adult baseball league in SLO County. 

Things to know

Structure of the 2022 season

Every year, participation dictates the way the league will look for the season.

In 2022, we are hoping that we will have 8 teams playing. 

Returning from last year's 35+ division are the 3-peat defending champion SLO Legends, the SLO Hogs, the Eagles, the Hops, and the Central Coast Outlaws.

Returning from last year's 18+ division are the defending champion Angels and the Blacksox.

For 2022, the league has restructured the divisions a bit. With fewer younger players wanting to continue their baseball careers than in the past, our 18+ division has been shrinking and getting older. 

To help increase the competition in the league and respond to the age circumstances, the Central Coast MSBL is going to combine into a single division. 

This division will be based on the previous 35+ division, but with modifications to allow for inclusion of younger players that want to play. 

⚾️ Teams will be allowed 5 roster players under the age of 30.

⚾️ There will be no restrictions on where any player can play regarding the 8 fielding positions or in the batting lineup. 

⚾️ For pitching, each team will be allowed to use an under 35 player for a total of 3 innings. That can be one player pitching 3 innings or 3 players pitching 1 inning. 

Joining a team

Teams are regularly recruiting throughout the offseason and beginning of the season. Teams build their own rosters, though they may get help from the league if pool players are available.

Joining a team to play in the SLO adult league can be easy. 

⚾️ If you know someone that already plays, ask them if their team is in need of players. Even if that team considers themselves full, it's likely the manager can connect you to another team in need or direct you to the league to get on the pool player list. 

⚾️ If you don't know someone already playing, you can contact the league through the web page or through their Facebook page. Leave a message expressing your interest and they'll do their best to get you placed on a team. 

⚾️ If you have a full team that wants to join, it's important to notify the league as soon as possible. Once the teams are set for the season, no new teams can be added, though players can still join existing teams throughout the first half of the season. 


The league does its best to keep the costs down to make participating affordable for those wanting to play.

Expenses that the league must offset through fees include field rentals and prep, payments to umpires, insurance coverage required by cities to issue permits, baseballs, etc. 

The fee is on a per player basis. 

⚾️ Total cost per player is $265. That is a $230 player fee plus a $35 MSBL national registration fee which includes supplemental insurance coverage. 

⚾️ You can get more information about the insurance, which is provided through MSBL, by contacting the league. It can provide some coverage for injuries sustained while playing baseball in league games and official practices. 

Season details

The regular season starts in early April and will run through late August or early September. It's then followed by playoffs typically with a  best of 3 game weekend series per round.

Some holiday weekends may be a bye week for the full league. If there are team practices, they are organized by the individual coaches. It's encouraged to take ownership of your own training.

⚾️ Games are played most Sundays with 10am, 1pm and 4pm time slots. Note: Playoffs will be Saturdays and Sundays.

⚾️ Games are 9 innings or 2.75 hours.

⚾️ The season is typically 16-20 games plus playoffs. 

Where games are played will vary throughout the season. Most games will be played at Sinsheimer Stadium in San Luis Obispo. 

However, there are two things to note. 

1. Each week, one game with likely be played at a different field, assuming there are 8 teams. 

2. The Central Coast MSBL shares Sinsheimer Stadium as a home field with the Collegiate Summer League team, the SLO Blues. When the Blues play at home on Sundays during their season, the league plays at alternate fields. 

Fields used in the past include:

⚾️ Sinsheimer Stadium in San Luis Obispo

⚾️ Porter field in Arroyo Grande

⚾️ Alvord Field in Atascadero

⚾️ Elks Field in Santa Maria

⚾️ Blair Field in Pismo Beach

The league may use any or all of these fields throughout the season. It's fun playing at the different fields as each provides a unique experience.

It's also possible this year that some interleague games may occur between the Santa Barbara MSBL and SLO MSBL. If that happens, it's possible a neutral field would be used. 

Things you can do

If you are interested in playing, I urge you to get on a team as soon as possible. If you've played baseball, you know there is no substitute. 

⚾️ Get on a team

⚾️ Start training. Hitting a slider isn't easy

⚾️ Start getting excited to get back on the field

If you aren't ready for the challenge, there are still ways for you to be a part in helping the league be a great pasttime for those around you.

⚾️ Encourage family and friends to play

⚾️ Come out to games, starting April 2, and cheer on your community members. We may be grownups but we still appreciate your attendance. Attendance is FREE.

⚾️ Help spread the word about adult baseball in our community.  

⚾️ STOP telling high school and college seniors, "This will be the last game you ever play". They can play for 50 more years if they choose to.  Just saying.

We should never stop trying to grow adult baseball.

I hope to see many of you out there in the coming season and for many years to come. 


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