The Greatest Era of Baseball Is NOW: A Short Proverb

Picture taken by Teresa DeVan | Used with Permission

Baseball is life to me. 

Countless times I've been asked questions like, "Who is your favorite ball player?" or "What is your favorite position?"

What if I were to tell you that my favorite baseball player is me? What if I were to tell you that my favorite position is whatever position I find myself playing? 

Sure, I could easily sift through my rolodex of memories and find that one baseball player I idolized as a kid.  I could easily think back on the one or two positions that I have historically loved playing and found a lot of success in. The problem is that those answers reflect my past.  Those memories only exist in my imagination. They are not representative of today. 

As a middle-aged baseball player, I feel extremely grateful to still be playing this game that I love so dearly.  I don't have time to live in the past. The time for living is now. The time for baseball is now!

The great thing about amateur baseball is that we have decided to stop living through old baseball cards and the ghosts of our baseball past. Sure, at times we find ourselves taking walks down nostalgia lane, but that is not where we find true joy.  Our true joy comes not from reliving our past, but from experiencing our present. 

This means that the most valued player on the field should be you, the most valued position is the one you're playing, and the greatest era of baseball is the one you are currently playing in. 

Let's not waste our present by living in the past. 

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